Charging and maintenance

Keep the reader clean and dry at all times. If you aren’t planning to use it for a long time, we recommend removing the battery and the sensor.

The reader is not water resistant. In the case of rain, ensure that it is kept covered.


The RFID reader battery has a range of 24 hours. To charge it, use the charger that was provided with the reader.


The blue and yellow lights on the left hand side indicate the status of the battery.

  • Battery has charge. If the first light (blue) starts to blink when the button on the handle is pressed, the reader is searching for a bluetooth connection.
  • Battery dead. When the button on the handle is pressed, no lights appear.
  • Reader charging. The second light (orange) will blink when the reader is on charge.
  • Charging complete. The second light (orange) will show solid when the charging is complete.

In addition, the lights on the side will indicate the operation:

  • Flashing Blue Light: indicates that the reader is looking to make a Bluetooth connection.
  • Solid Blue Light: indicates that the reader is connected to the portable timingsense APP.
❗❗Be sure that the reader battery is fully charged before a race.
❗❗Cold weather can reduce the life of the battery. At temperatures lower than 0° C, we recommend carrying an external battery.
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