Storing and sending your readings to TSCloud

For security, your readings will be stored on the mobile device. If it is connected to the internet, readings will be sent to TSCloud automatically and in real-time.


❗❗If you manually create a race from the app, readings will not be sent to TSCloud or to TSConnector. However they will be stored on the mobile device.

You can check the total number of readings from a timing point using the following steps.

  1. Choose the race which you will send the results from in the “Races” list on the home screen.
    Connecting via the cloud to a pre-existing race - Step1

  2. Click “See readings” from the control point in the “Locations” list.


If the readings have been synced with the cloud. a green cloud will appear. If the synchronisation has not been possible (usually due to a lack of internet connection), a crossed-out cloud icon will show.


If you wish to, you can send these readings by email.


💡 You can view the readings, the status of the mobile device and the status of the RFID reader in TSConnector by creating a remote connection in TSConnector. The connection is made in the same way from any timingsense timing device.
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