Pausing and resuming connection to the reader

You can pause timing with the reader using the following steps.

  1. Press the stop icon in the centre of the screen whilst timing.
    timing tsportable app

  2. Press “Exit” in the popup window.
    exit timing tsportable app


You can resume the connection with the reader from the “Locations” screen.

  1. Choose the race you wish to resume timing in the “Races” list on the home screen.
    Connecting via the cloud to a pre-existing race - Step1

  2. Choose the timing point from the “Locations” list.
    Connecting via the cloud to a pre-existing race - Step2

Once you have resumed the connection to the reader, the timing screen will return in green showing the word “Timing”, the connection has been successfully reestablished between the reader and the mobile device.

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