Connecting to the reader

Once you’ve selected a location for your timing point, the app will try to connect automatically to a reader.

If the app cannot establish a connection, or if it is the first time it is connecting to a reader, you will need to choose a reader from the list that appears on your screen.


❗❗The connection between the mobile phone and the reader is achieved with bluetooth. Please note that the two devices must be close enough for this connection to be made.

When the reader is connected a green screen will appear with the word “Timing”, which indicates that the connection between the mobile phone and the reader is set up and working.


The screen will remain green as long as there is a connection between the reader and the phone.


💡You can time with the mobile screen locked to optimize the use of the battery.

❗❗If the connection with the reader is lost, the device will automatically try to reconnect again. If this is not possible, a red screen will appear. To reconnect, tap on the “Reconnect the reader” button. This will redirect to a list of readers, choose one and the device will attempt to reconnect.
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