Setting two timing points in the same box

❗❗To connect a box remotely, you must first have created your race and TimingPoints in Sportmaniacs

You can configure two timing points of a race in the same box if you are going to use it in two physically separate points or in the same physical point in which two splits happen (as it happens, for example, when the starting line and the finish line are the same).

  1. Open the box menu.
  2. Click on “Settings”. ⚙️
  3. Click on the blue edit icon next to “Race Settings”.

  4. Click on “Create one”.
    Configuration Create one

  5. Choose the race you want to time from the list.

  6. Choose the timing point you are going to time with that box.
    How to set two timingpoints - Step 6

  7. Check the filters that have been created with your race settings, enable or disable them as needed, and click ‘Save’.

    💡These filters are created in Sportmaniacs. We explain how to set up filters from Sportmaniacs in this article.

  8. Set the start date, end date and time for the box in that timing point.

  9. Click on “Save”.

  10. Click on “Yes” in the pop-up window and accept by clicking on the green tick that will appear on the screen.

  11. Click on “+ New” to add a second timing point.

  12. Repeat the same process with this second timing point. Make sure that the time you set does not overlap the one on the first timing point.

In the home screen of the box you will see that the name of the race and the first timing point are visible at the top when the time you have set comes.

When the end time comes, this information will disappear and the name of the second timing point you set at the start time you set will be displayed.

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